Parability Basingstoke

Welcome to Parability’s Basingstoke area page.  Basingstoke was where Parability all began with its launch on 5 May 2012 at Russell Howard Park in South Ham, Basingstoke. 

At our office inside Basingstoke College of Technology we give students from the college work experience both from the special needs department and the main part of the college.

Parability Basingstoke works with other partner organisations and public services in the area to help encourage and develop the ability for all organisations and individuals to follow a good equality and diversity practice for everyone.  We also encourage communities to find ways in which they can help one another.

Parability regularly meets with our contact at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

Here we are at the Ridgeway Community Centre where we support them on a monthly basis to develop the Buckskin Ward Community Plan.  The Buckskin Ward community planning meetings happen generally on the third Tuesday of every month at 6 pm at the Ridgeway Community Centre.  Supporting areas to development community plans is something we have offered across our Basingstoke area.

We have been supporting the Ridgeway Community Centre manager since she was only running Westside Community Centre in South Ham.

You can find Parability Basingstoke local information via our Facebook page.  All our advocacy services of Parability Dave’s Space, Parability Pantry, Parability School’s Out and Parability Piggy Bank.

In order to support people in poverty Parability Basingstoke regularly supports local toy and food banks by giving donations via the collection points.

If you would like to chat about issues that concern you in our Basingstoke area why not join our Parability Basingstoke Chat Circle Facebook group.  If you are an organisation or public service and you would like to advertise your events join the Facebook group Parability Basingstoke Events.

In 2023 our team in Basinstoke supported Armistice Day at the Basingstoke War Memorial. We had the opportunity of talking with Saint John’s Ambulance and our local Member of Parliament Maria Miller MP who came over to us and recognised us instantly.

In order to try and maintain as quiet an environment as possible we parked in the car park on Crossborough Hill and pushed ourselves in our wheelchairs to the War Memorial via Basingstoke Common and the War Memorial Park. This also allowed for some healthy exercise which we promote here at Parability.


Parability Basingstoke has partnered with Helping Dogs and Cats UK Rescue which is a Basingstoke based organisation helping people to keep their pets by providing food and support with vetenary care for them.  From time to time pets do have to be rehomed but this is avoided.  Many people who struggle to look after their pets are also struggling with other underpinning issues which is where as partners we try and help with. 

We also recognise that many people struggle to meet their own food needs and we therefore can refer to other partners for this such as Inspero and the other various Foodbanks.

Parability Basingstoke now has a Facebook page, click Parability Basingstoke to find out more.